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Air care equipment lowers drying time, creates a healthier environment that’s free of high humidity & particulates for pet salons, shelters, & day-care facilities. The difference between a muggy smelly shop and a luxury top quality salon is defined by how dry and clean the air feels. To achieve that, we produced our air care line with industrial grade air purifiers and heavy-duty dehumidifiers.

Air is one of the crucial ingredients to sustaining life, and it is without question that air quality is important to human health. This is especially true for professional dog groomers, whose health may begin to deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to airborne pollutants on a daily basis.

Indoor air quality can be affected by many factors, including containments like hair and dander, humidity, and odors. With air care equipment from, you can improve your grooming business’s indoor air quality with specially designed products to achieve air filtration, humidity control, and odor management.

  • XPOWER’s Air Care Line transforms dirty humid grooming salons into super sterile enviroments
  • Improve your health by removing dirt, dander and hair from the air with HEPA filtration
  • Significantly reduce drying times by maintaining an ultra low humidity level
  • Advanced control boards monitor water tank level and air filter quality for problem free operation
  • ETL/C-ETL Certified with low amp draw and models available with built-in GFCI outlets


Air filtration is an essential step which can help lower the risk of health hazards such as “Pet Groomer’s Lung”, a chronic condition that’s recognized by the American Thoracic Society journals in a 2016 case study. In addition to air filtration, humidity also plays a big role in maintaining good indoor air quality. Damp places (i.e. bathing areas) offer an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi growth; according to the World Health Organization, “indoor air pollution—such as dampness and mold—is one of the major causes of death worldwide”. This is a clear illustration that maintaining the right level of indoor humidity is essential in promoting good health. Keeping a low humidity not only allows damp areas to dry quicker, but also increases efficiency when you are drying dogs. In a humid environment, your dryer takes the air and the moisture in the room through a vacuum and delivers it back onto the dog’s coat; removing the humidity in the room would allow your dryers to deliver drier air, reducing overall drying time. Lastly, odors can be a tough issue to tackle, and oftentimes leave the strongest impression for your customers, leading to bad reviews. Finding a quick and effective way to scent the air in the grooming salon becomes essential to improve working conditions and increase your business as well. carries XPOWER’s complete line of compact and portable air care equipment, offering dog grooming professionals effective and affordable air quality solutions. With XPOWER Air Care Equipment, you will be able not only filter and dehumidify, but also scent the air to improve your indoor air quality. At, you will find a wide selection of the best air purifiers, commercial dehumidifiers, and scented air movers for sale.