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Safety certified and durability are what set XPOWER inflatable blowers and pumps apart. In order to get all of the inflatables operating correctly, you will need efficient and powerful inflatable blowers. At, we offer only inflatable blower products from XPOWER – the leading high static blower manufacture on the market right now. With ETL/CELT certification, advanced technology, XPOWER blowers are built to impress and bring you success.


  • Quality and value blowers range from 1/8 to 3 HP
  • Highest quality products built
  • Perfect for commercial bounce houses, water slide, structural inflatables
  • Safety ETL certification


Inflatable Blowers is a general category that currently encompasses the following types of products: air pumps, inflatable bounce house blowers, inflatable advertising blowers, and tube man blowers. Inflatable Blowers are widely utilized in a variety of applications in conjunction with inflatable objects to create swift, intelligent solutions for Entertainment, Emergency Management, Camping & RV, Event Management, and Advertisement Industries.


Inflatables have been an integral part of our current lifestyle, and evidence suggests that the inflatable ball existed in Ancient Egypt, while other sources suggest the balloon, a simple inflatable object, had existed within the Aztec culture. Although there are many types of inflatable inventions throughout the centuries, it wasn’t until the invention of inflatable structures in the 1950s that new applications were discovered, paving the road of opportunity for compact, electric inflatable blowers to enter the market. proudly represents a part of the inflatable blowers market, carrying stock on the best inflatable blowers available. As the Master Distributor of XPOWER, offers XPOWER’s unique line of affordable, lightweight, and powerful inflatable blowers for sale, including:


  • Electric Air Pumps – Offered in both AC power and 12V (12 Volt) DC Car Plugs, XPOWER’s Inflatable Electric Air Pumps are extremely portable and come with nozzle attachments for use in inflating air mattresses and water sports equipment such as rafts, kayaks, and inflatable pools.
  • High-Static Blowers – Most commonly known as bounce house blowers, this type of Inflatable Blowers utilize a high static pressure to maintain inflatable structural integrity. offers the complete XPOWER line of high-static pressure fans including small bounce house blowers, commercial bounce house blowers, replacement blowers for yard decorations (Christmas and Halloween), as well as inflatable temporary structures for educational and entertainment events.
  • Tube Man Blowers – You may be familiar with the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man, popularized by animated sitcom Family Guy. The Invention of the inflatable dancing man, originally named the Tall Boy, came in 1996 for the Summer Olympics, and Tube Man Blowers are essential for bringing these air puppets to life. carries the full line of XPOWER Tube Man Blowers, offering safety certified blower fans as well as models with built-in LED light kits for Tube Men from 6ft to 20ft and small inflatable advertising pillars.
  • Rooftop Advertisement Blower – Giant Inflatable Advertising, including cold air balloons and inflatable characters, are gaining popularity as an affordable and permanent advertising for businesses and events. rises to the occasion with centrifugal inflatable blowers with large air volume output, designed to quickly inflate giant inflatables and provide solutions in brand and name recognition.