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XPOWER X-12 & X-8 confined space fans are known for their extremely light weight design, durable housing, and high performance. With ETL/UTL safety certification, XPOWER confined space fans are the great workers for any project. No matter what your industry or application-construction, demolition, power station, paper mill or utility, confined space fans are ideal to deliver maximum ventilation in the most demanding situation.

  • The XPOWER X-8 & X-12 are ideal for moving massive volumes of air in confined spaces
  • Great for drying new built crawl spaces, attics, between walls and ductwork
  • Heat-resistant, chemical resistant ultra-tough injection molded ABS housing
  • Low amp draw with up to a massive 2500 CFM using a variable speed control
  • 15ft & 25ft duct-kits available for turn-key ventilation systems