Reasons You Should Consider A Misting Fan This Summer

XPOWER misting fan FM-48

Summer is finally here! Be prepared with XPOWER’s amazing FM-48 Portable Professional Misting Fan System. The temperature is quickly rising and so are the outdoor activities, be out there in comfort by utilizing science and technology with natural water to cool yourself drastically. Whether you’re outside for a pool party or just enjoying the summer […]

The Best Canned Compressed Air Alternative

a-2 electric duster

If you’re looking for a can-less air system Air Chaser has your product! Introducing the Airrow Pro A-2 Electric Duster by XPOWER Manufacture. It is an eco-friendly, canned air alternative that will effectively blow away unwanted dust in even the tightest of spaces. Equipped with 9 air flow nozzles, the possibilities for application use are […]

LGR & Conventional Dehumidifiers. What Are The Differences?

Cars are so different than they were in the past. They can move much quicker, faster, longer and safer than their predecessors. They can also achieve these results while having engines half the size controlled by complex computer systems. What does this have to do with LGR Dehumidifiers? The story is quite similar in regards […]